Gist contains software tools for support vector machine classification and for kernel principal components analysis. The Gist package contains the following programs:

Note that with version 2.1, the names of the programs in Gist have changed. If you need to use executables with the old names, version 2.0.9 is also available.

If you have problems with or questions about Gist, please first read the FAQ page.

In addition to the primary programs, the following auxiliary programs are included:

The current version of Gist is 2.3

Gist is written in ANSI C. Source code, as well as some pre-compiled versions for popular platforms (Linux, Cygwin) can be downloaded here. Here are some installation instructions and release notes. Once you have installed the software, you can try this example.

A list of publications that used Gist is available.

Please read the Copyright notice/License agreement.

The Gist software was written by William Stafford Noble (University of Washington) and by Paul Pavlidis (University of British Columbia).