Installing Gist

Binary distributions

You will have downloaded a file that has a name something like "gist.2.3.$ARCH.tar.gz", where $ARCH is a string describing your architecture (such as Linuxi686). Unzip and de-tar the distribution file as follows:

     gunzip -c gist.2.3.Linuxi686.tar.gz | tar xvf - 
     tar -zxf gist.2.3.Linuxi686.tar.gz 

The binaries are found in the 'bin' directory. (Note to previous users of Gist: In version 2.3, the compiled C executables are no longer in an $ARCH subdirectory of bin).

Once you have the program binaries available, you will need to either copy these executables into your path (e.g., /usr/local/bin) or add the following lines to your .cshrc or .login file (where 'path-root' is the location where you installed Gist):

     setenv ARCH `uname -ms | tr -d ' '` set path = ($path path-root/gist.2.3/bin) 

Building from source

Generic instructions are found in the INSTALL file that comes with the source distribution. The key steps are reiterated here.

First unpack the distribution, e.g. "gist-2.3.tar.gz", as above. Then:

cd gist.2.3
make install

If you want the gist executables to install in a particular place (the usual default is /usr/local/bin), you can run the configure script as follows:

./configure --bindir=/absolute/path/to/desired/dir

where /absolute/path/to/desired/dir is where you want the executables to go.